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Halloween, 1930, KEYSTONE

Halloween, 1930, KEYSTONE

Description :

Unique vintage print coming directly from the KEYSTONE fund.

July 6th 1964
Caption backside :
"It is the first time which is probably the worst. The giddiness, the prickling nervousness, the feelin of near panic. But with the experience you can usually become almost blas about it.The trick, of course, is just to concentrateon whatever you are doing and forget about the road 1000 feet below. Forget, in fact, that this the Empire State Building, and act as if was just another window in an ordinary building anywhere in New York. After a while you won't notic it any more. You'll be sitting at your desk typing, or answering the telephone, and you won't even bother to look up when the window-cleaners come around."

Photographer(s) :

Shooting date :


Printing date :


Topics :

  • Life Scene
  • New York
  • Report
  • Towns

Signature :

Agency Stamp

State :


Size (in) :

7 x 9

Image Size (in) :

7 x 9

Photo medium

Silver Print

Price :

400.00 €

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