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Delaunay, Pavillon de l'air, Paris, 1937, KEYSTONE

Delaunay, Pavillon de l'air, Paris, 1937, KEYSTONE

Description :

Unique vintage print coming directly from the KEYSTONE fund.

View of the Air Pavilion of the 1937 Universal Exhibition decorated by Robert and Sonia Delaunay.

Robert Delaunay, a fervent admirer of aviation, had painted a Homage to Blériot in 1914 and in 1923 the Hélices. It was only by being faithful to his passions that he was entrusted, by the architects Mallet-Stevens and Aublet, with the construction of the Air Pavilion and the Railway Pavilion, for the international exhibition of 1937. These two pavilions together represented an intervention area of 2,500 square meters.

To carry out such a business, he enlisted the help of Sonia, and painters such as Gleizes, Villon, Survage and that of fifty unemployed artists. The team thus formed, moved to Porte Champeret in a dormitory garage where, in excitement and exhilaration, the enormous work began, which lasted two months.

It was his intervention at the Air Pavilion that was most praised by critics. These three gouaches show the earth from which the planes in formation rotate. The independence and the unhindered choice of colors chosen by Delaunay add to the subject matter a spirit of freedom.

Photographer(s) :

Shooting date :


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Topics :

  • Aviation and Space
  • Paris
  • Technical

Signature :

Agency Stamp

State :

Very Good

Size (in) :

5 x 7

Image Size (in) :

5 x 7

Photo medium

Silver Print

Price :

400.00 €

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