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Railway signals, 1937, KEYSTONE

Railway signals, 1937, KEYSTONE

Description :

Unique vintage print coming directly from the KEYSTONE fund.

23 march 1937
Caption backside :
"New railway signals
The terrible railway accident which has just occurred on the Mont Dore line once again draws attention to the luminous railway signaling. For a few years, powerful lighting methods have been developed by two French engineers, the Christmas brothers, who use magnesium cartridges which ignite automatically in a reduced size pistol.
For day signals, the light cartridges are replaced by cartridges emitting opaque smoke.
This process can also be used for customs officials, ships, etc.
Left, the Christmas process in action during the night; right during the day."

Photographer(s) :

Shooting date :


Printing date :


Topics :

  • Life Scene
  • Report

Signature :

Agency Stamp

State :

Very Good

Size (in) :

7 x 5

Image Size (in) :

7 x 5

Photo medium

Silver Print

Price :

400.00 €

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