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Nautical jousting at the Lido, c.1920, KEYSTONE

Nautical jousting at the Lido, c.1920, KEYSTONE

Description :

Unique vintage print coming directly from the KEYSTONE fund.

The first documented uses of the term "Apache" date back to 1900. The term is then used by the newspaper Le Matin to describe a band from Belleville, characterized by a mole tattooed on the right cheek or under the eye. It was the morning journalist Henri Fouquier who developed, in December 1900, a first real definition of the term "Apache" in the press:

“On the other hand, we have the advantage of having, in Paris, a tribe of Apaches whose heights of Ménilmontant are the Rocky Mountains. These are much talked about [...]. They are pale young men, almost always beardless, and the favorite ornament of their hairstyle is called rouflaquettes. All the same, they kill you their man like the most authentic savages, except that their victims are not invading foreigners, but their French citizens. "

The term became general in 1902, during the Casque d'Or affair. Two gangs then clash there for a prostitute, Amélie Elie. The two rival "chiefs", Manda and Leca, are then described as "apaches", without the information being verifiable or certain, allowing newspapers to use this intriguing and impactful term in the titles of their articles. . Between June 5 and August 3, 1902, Casque d'Or publishes its "Memoirs" This soap gives new life to the Apache phenomenon in the press.

Consequently, the term is generalized to cover also pimping and prostitution, and, from 1903, is used to describe the whole of the Parisian underworld. The "Apache" therefore became deeply associated with the capital: Le Matin thus declared on November 26, 1908 that it "is one of the Parisian curiosities in the same way as the Eiffel Tower or the Invalides".

Photographer(s) :

Shooting date :

1920 c.

Printing date :

1920 c.

Topics :

  • Life Scene
  • Paris
  • Report
  • Stars

Signature :

Agency Stamp

State :


Size (in) :

9 x 7

Image Size (in) :

9 x 6

Photo medium

Silver Print

Price :

500.00 €

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