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14 july 1936, Place de la Nation, Paris, KEYSTONE

14 july 1936, Place de la Nation, Paris, KEYSTONE

Description :

Unique vintage print coming directly from the KEYSTONE fund.

Léon Blum with Mrs Blum, Mr daldier, Mr Thorez.

The Popular Front campaigned on a program general enough to reconcile all those who are part of it: "Peace, bread and freedom". In the second round of the legislative elections of May 3, 1936, thanks to the transfer of the votes of left-wing voters to the candidate who remained in the running of one of the three allied parties, he won the bet. Blum, leader of the party with the highest number of seats, is called to become "President of the Council", that is to say, head of government.

In the process, everywhere on the territory, spontaneous strikes broke out intended to support its action to come. In fact, they create a dynamic which allows, in the process, an impressive train of reforms. Some are social :
40 hour week
The two weeks of paid vacation
Recognition of the right to organize in companies

Wage increases to which employers agree after discussions with unions conducted, for the first time in history, under government sponsorship and on its premises. Hence their name: "the Matignon agreements".

Others are structural reforms, no less important, such as the creation of the wheat board, created to support the price of cereals, the nationalization of the arms industries or a reform of the statutes of the Banque de France, to free it from the influence of the few large shareholders who control it.

And all this, in three months, despite the venomous attacks of the right-wing press but with the happy consent of the left-wing electorate. Yes, during these few weeks, it's undeniable, the Front was very popular.

It didn't last long. The first thunderstorm announced in this clear sky comes from the south. On July 14, from his barracks in Morocco, two factional generals, including Franco, carried out a putsch to take power in Spain, also led since January by another leftist coalition, the "frente popular". War begins between Republicans and Nationalists. The PCF is in favor of an intervention alongside the former. Blum's heart also leans on that side. The radicals do not want the slightest French soldiers to cross the Pyrenees at any cost. They promise to break up if it does, which would bring down the government. It's the first big bone of contention between yesterday's newlyweds.

With that, the black clouds of the first economic setbacks appear. Have the reforms been rushed or poorly designed ? The revival of consumption but also the drop in production due to 40 hours contribute to runaway catastrophic inflation: in a few months, the rise in prices has swallowed up wage increases. The devaluation of the franc which Blum resolves to save the currency causes prices for imported goods to soar a little more. Six months after the elections, the tomorrows are already disappointing.

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