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Nazak was born a princess on February 12 1958 in Teheran.

She was the daughter of Hamid Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran’s brother. 

1978-1979 : Studies photography in the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara  California.

1980 : Goes to live in Sao Paulo with her friend Vinicius Mainardi whose mother is a photographer.

1981: Publishes “Strange Naked Studies” under the name of Nazak Zartosht, in the Brazilian magazine FOTOPTICA : “Sarcasm, irony, a little bit of voyeurism, much of poetry and mischievousness… these inconvenient images…” is the caption.

1983 : Death of her brother Prince Behzad Pahlavi in Spain. Decides to live in Europe and settles in Paris where she works for Ventilo in Saint-Germain des Prés. Declines the proposal of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi to work as the official photographer of the imperial family. Obtains revenue from Chapour Baktiar, the Iranian Prime Minister, in order to continue her photographic work.

1984 : Paris Match wants to send her to Teheran as a photo-reporter. She refuses. The father of her best friend Ali Khorram has been just executed by the Islamist government of Khomeiny. Series “Women under the skirt”

1985 : Meetings with the French photographers Jean-Loup Sieff and Jean-François Jonvelle.

1986 : Her father, Hamid Reza Pahlavi, brother of the late Shah of Iran, is arrested after the revolution and jailed in Evin.

1987: She dies in Paris in rather obscure circumstances on December 27 at the age of twenty-nine.   

2002 : Collective Exibition on the Self-Portrait – Salon de la Photo Paris 

Virtual exibition on  

Presse :  

1981 : FOTOPTICA – Brazil

2003 : PHOTO magazine - Paris

2011 : POINT DE VUE  “Dark moments of the Pahlavi dynasty”

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