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Du 17/11/2014 au 16/01/2015

The French photographer-Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud- was born in 1866. He became acquainted with photography in the mid 1890s, at which time he also became associated with the Lumière brothers, inventors of the cinematograph. He was one of the first to make color photographs with the Lumière Autochrome plate. After a distinguished military career Tournassoud retired from the army with the rank of Major.

Tournassoud was one of the finest practitioners of the now lost art of animal photography in addition to the many exceptional photographs taken during his military career . He also excels in the art of the landscape, the portrait and the staging, in a characteristic style where humor is often present.

His photographic career spanned over nearly 60 years, and he left a considerable body of work, indexed in many museums and collections.

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